Midwest Thermal Spray (MTS) has four (4) robotic spray cells that support twin wire arc, HVOF, thermal spray ceramics and combustion sprayed wire.  Click on our gallery to view some of the products that MTS has sprayed.

The Arc Spray process uses two metallic wires fed through a torch, one positively, the other negatively charged.  Continuously the wires are fed, then arc when they meet at the tip of the torch.  Simultaneously compressed air atomizes and projects the material onto a substrate.  This process deposits material a a high rate and provides a wide range of applications such as wear and corrosion resistant coatings.  It can also apply machinable stock to substrates in need of repair and reclamation.


The plasma spray process is used to apply ceramic or metallic coatings to provide insulating, wear and corrosion protective coatings.  The coatings are applied by injecting powders through a plasma arc onto a suitable substrate.

The HVOF spray process produces a high hardness, wear resistant coating.  This process injects metallic powders into a High Velocity Oxygen Fuel (HVOF) flame.  The high particle velocity produced by the HVOF flames provides very hard, dense and  fine coatings.